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She’ll want to start a family

What to expect when dating a Japanese women?


For several centuries in the Japanese society, marriage is recognized as the most significant relationship to which the women assume the responsibility of a homemaker and, later on, a mother.

Say you decided not to get married or have children, it might be somewhat difficult for you to be with Japanese women in the long run. Japanese women want to build a family and have kids!

There is a Japanese saying that says that "a woman without children is not completely a woman.” In the Japanese mentality, and in the point of view of Japanese women, it is natural that one day, despite the fact that they are actively working, they will have their place at home, looking after the entire family.

Japanese women are proud and feel good about that role their mother taught them and that, in return, they will pass on if they have one daughter.

Japanese women have a lot of respect and appreciation for elders and parents and for the exceptional} values that have been passed down to them. They value, first and foremost, the concerns of their beloved family members.

Being a good wife wasn't enough, Japanese women also had to become cultivated and wise mothers. Moreover, their faithful characteristics to their husbands and immense satisfaction of taking care of their children make Japanese women unique and great partners.

Japanese women view the family as a place of stability and believe that the support of other family members is essential to realize its full potential in life.

If the decline in birth rate since the Second World War reduced the size of families, older parents continue to be supported by their children, as is Japanese tradition, and often share their homes.

Since ancient times, the family holds an important place in the culture of Japan and it's even the case, today in 21st century. These notions are rooted in ancestor worship and Chinese Confucianism.