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Japanese women are taking care of their man

What to expect when dating a Japanese women?


Virtually no ladies from other nations can compare with a Japanese woman, the way she looks after her husband is astounding. She takes care of the household (preparing meals, doing laundry, house cleaning, grocery shopping, home management) and child care.

In Japan, the classic definition of a woman can be found in the ideology of ryosai kembo (good wife, wise mother), and this continues to be true even today. Most Japanese women are convinced that it is in their own, their children's, and society's best interests that they stay home and |dedicate themselves to their kids and husband.

In contrast to most contemporary Western women, Japanese women find profound, sincere gratification and satisfaction in taking care of their family and in the accomplishments of their children.

While American women see homemaker life as a burden, Japanese women feel a real sense of fulfillment from being the best they can home as home managers and mothers.

In Japan, the homemaker is an important individual in society as they are in charge of managing their family’s budgets and make |important decisions regarding the education, careers, and lifestyles of their families.

Furthermore, young Japanese women looks forward to married life and homemaker life and prepares for it by taking instructional classes in cooking and flower arrangement (ikebana) with the intention of making herself a better, greater and more appealing wife.

Women in Japan profoundly respect their family members as well as their husband, so they see these particular acts like privileges, and it solidifies their roles within the marriage or partnership as a caring and loving figure.

In the Japanese ideology of the couple or family life, if everyone plays its role well (working man/homemaker women), the family will grow healthily and harmoniously.

PS: On a personal note, whenever I sit down to watch hockey (hey, I'm canadian!) or any program on tv, within 2 minutes, my wife brings me a cold beer! That her way to say "I love you".