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Japanese women are gentle, polite & respectful

What to expect when dating a Japanese women?


Harmony together with a sincere and profound respect for others are fundamental and crucial values in Japanese culture, and that includes numerous other values such as gentleness, politeness, respect, and cooperation.

From the moment they are going to preschool, the Japanese education system is teaching and instructing Japanese children to behave harmoniously and cooperatively with other individuals. This unique education system stresses the interdependence of all people - the Japanese kids are not raised to be independent, individualistic or separated from others, but rather to work together harmoniously.

Contrary to the western world where the foundation of society is built on individuality (the “me, myself and I” syndrome), the Japanese society is based on the “we” and the “us”. - harmony and collaboration with everyone is a must, and the goal is to maintain this peace everywhere, at all time.

The Japanese society places great importance on politeness, individual responsibility and working harmoniously with each other for the common good, instead of being focussed on oneself. Being rude to somebody or even being selfish is believed in Japan to causes ripples in the community and society and is highly avoided.

On a personal note, six years ago I was with my Japanese girlfriend (now my wife and the mother of our two kids) in Osaka for sightseeing. In the middle of a crowded intersection, I was unintentionally pushed by a young 22-23 yo Japanese punk who immediately and politely apologized with a sincere "Gomen nasai " and bowed to me! Boy, I wish we would have punks like this in Canada!

This concept of harmony, equilibrium, collaboration and teamwork could be observed after the earthquake that hit Japan in March 2011. The entire world looked with awe just how the Japanese people reacted to the situations with calmness, courage, determination, and cooperation. Over and over again, you hear of people's lives rescued by composure, organization, teamwork and discipline.

Now, back to the Japanese women! Naturally, you can find different types of Japanese girls, but all of them are extremely polite and well mannered. When meeting them, it is evident how much manners and politeness are a part of them.

Japanese women believe that respectful behaviors firm up the foundation, the basis of a relationship, so they are showing to their partner or husband great respect. This consideration for others is demonstrated by their understanding, support, guidance, care, affection, appreciation and love for you.

Japanese women are exceedingly well-mannered and gentle, therefore when they have an urgent matter to discuss with their boyfriend or husband, they do it a whole lot of respect and attention it's almost surreal. Their respect, patience, love, and forgiveness are characteristics] that will help build a pure, genuine and durable marriage.