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Japanese women are feminine and elegant

What to expect when dating a Japanese women?


It's a known fact; the Japanese are the single most fashionable individuals in the world. Just by pretty much walking down the streets of Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya, you will notice tons of well-dressed people - especially Japanese women - it is evident that they take great pride in their image and appearances.

There is a femininity to the Japanese women that is genuinely attractive; they wear impeccably ironed clothing, always dressed in a very stylish and trendy way.

There is certainly a great sense of femininity to the Japanese women that is powerfully attractive, they are dressed in perfectly ironed clothing, invariably wearing fashionable, trendy and |elegant clothing.

Being surrounded by beauty is something very spiritual for the Japanese people.

For centuries, the culture, religion and spiritual tradition of Japan were synonymous with elegance, beauty and refinement. This concept of natural beauty is not considered as being something flamboyant but instead something very simple, sophisticated, elegant as well as spiritual.

Japanese women are incredibly sensitive to beauty together with femininity, so they put a considerable amount of time and effort to look at their best. The vast majority of them will never get out without wearing their trendy designer dresses, shoes, perfectly done makeup, and expertly styled hair.

In the west, the care for elegance and beauty can be seen as materialism, but in Japan, it represents the level of your character and inner development. Being well dressed or being surrounded by beauty is something very spiritual for the Japanese people as they don't oppose materialism and spirituality as we, westerners do.

This principle of appearance management or looking your best is called midashinami. This concept of Japanese elegance, beauty and refinement find its origins in the Bushido, the code of honor of the ancient warrior of Japan. Yamamoto Tsunemoto mentioned it in the book Hagakure as being important to a Samurai: “Every day you took care of yourself so that if it were your last, you would die presentably.”

Just about everything regarding the way Japanese women are is symbolic of their femininity. They take their elegance and beauty at heart and let us men be men.

It is important also to understand that in Japan, calmness, politeness, and tranquility of the heart are also characteristics associated with femininity.

Japanese women, even in today’s modern Japan, are still programmed to assume and also behave in very sophisticated and feminine manner. A significant amount of time is placed on femininity, beauty, elegance, etiquette and social skills.