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Japanese women are faithful and devoted

What to expect when dating a Japanese women?


Immortalized in countless legends and songs, the dedication and faithfulness of Japanese women are widely recognized around the world.

Because they were raised in a family oriented culture, honesty, loyalty, and fidelity towards their companion or husband are among the most important values Japanese women possesses.

Japanese women see faithfulness and loyalty as being at the core of a large set of values such as happiness, love, serenity, patience, humility and gentleness.

This firm and persistent loyalty, this ability to stick to an individual, group, belief or cause with an unshakable spirit, is also a heritage from the ancient Samurai warrior code, the Bushido as well as from Zen Buddhism.

Japanese women are devoted and honest toward their man and their family. They have good hearts and are sincere, constant, loyal to those they love.

Once they have vowed to love you, they are devoted to death to the married life. If needed, they can willingly put themselves aside for their husband and children.

Japanese families are incredibly stable and robust, even if divorce rates have increased in the last thirty or forty years, it continues to be remarkably low compared to the West at around 1.5 per 1000 population.

Japanese woman understands that infidelity or extramarital affairs destroy lives - not only your couple but also your family life and your children’s life. This mindset goes in total opposition to the fundamental principle of harmony and equilibrium that the Japanese people are so fond of. That is precisely why the reason why Japanese women are faithful physically, mentally, and emotionally. The respect of the family so high, that it is unthinkable for a Japanese woman to cheat.