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Japanese women are calm and composed

What to expect when dating a Japanese women?


Contrary to the majority of American or European women, Japanese women are calm, quiet, almost never become upset and shows an outstanding level of self-control.

As we discussed before, harmony is the main philosophy both in the Japanese family and in society as a whole, and this state of mind comes from inner calmness.

Socially esteemed qualities in Japanese culture includes, among other thing calmness, composure, stoicism, humility, and controlling one’s emotions.

Japanese women are, for the most part, calm, moderate, quiet, and humble. They are in perfect mastery of themselves and their feelings. So chances are, dating a Japanese woman will be a whole new experience you.

“From when they were young, the Japanese are taught at home and school that they shouldn’t cause trouble to others. That education is repeated endlessly,” says Professor Yuji Hosaka.

This impressive composure and tranquility of the mind date back to ancient Japan when the society was reigned over by Samurai. Through the practice of martial arts and meditation, the Samurai developed a calm heart, even in the face of death. This tremendous self-mastery was the sign of a matured samurai and is today a sign of evolved spirit.

Hosaka mentioned that in those days, the Warriors class held enormous power in society and therefore, a lack of self-control could probably have ended up in tragedy. Maintaining public order naturally became the norm in Japanese society.

Zen Buddhism is also largely responsible for influencing the Japanese culture on many levels with its cultivation of calmness through the practice of Zen meditation.

The Japanese women are not frustrated or dissatisfied by the circumstances of everyday life, and they always keep their heads high, maintain their calm and honor regardless of how difficult or challenging the situation is, whether at work or home.

This extraordinary capacity to deal and handle every day's challenge by keeping a calm and composed mental attitude makes them outstanding wives and lifelong companions to be cherished by their husband.