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Learn to speak Japanese (at least a little!)

What to do to please your Japanese girlfriend?


While every Japanese citizen studies English in school, that does not necessarily mean they can speak good English.

In general, Japanese girls are having big problems in term of communicating with foreigners in English - that's pretty tough on dating.

Language barriers can be great challenges for relationships so if you are not prepared to start helping with her English or start learning basic Japanese language, you are probably not going to get very far in the Japanese dating scene.

It is crucial to SHOW INTEREST in the Japanese language and LEARN A FEW basic words and phrases. Just this simple step will help you immensely in the process of gaining the respect from any Japanese girl you date.

There are many courses available that teach Japanese. I have personally tried dozens of methods and websites, but my absolute favorite one is without any doubt JapanesePod101, check it out.

Come on tiger, study hard, go get her! LOL!