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Learn about the Japanese culture

What to do to please your Japanese girlfriend?


One of the biggest frustrations of Japanese women is the lack of knowledge their foreigner husband have about their culture.

There are far too many Western men who believe that it just isn’t worth their time to learn about the Japanese culture, and that is a mistake.

When I met my wife, I had the chance to know ALOT about the Japanese culture because of my life-long love for Karate and the culture of Japan.

Please understand that it’s very hard to start, build, and keep a good relationship with your Japanese date or girlfriend if you don't know about their culture. Do not underestimate the power that culture has on a relationship.

Why should you learn about their culture? Because by understanding their culture, you'll understand them and you'll avoid a myriad of pitfalls. That's a big plus in my book!

As you know, our personality comes from our family, our environment, from school, from our relationships with others, but also from our culture.

What to do, how to do it, how to be also vary depending on the country you are from.

What may be acceptable for a woman to do in Canada, America, or France, may be very inappropriate or even shameful for a Japanese woman, vice and versa.

Conversely, what a Japanese woman expects a man to do, say, and act in a relationship may be different in Japan than it is in your country.

The only way to truly understand the Japanese culture is to open-mindedly and sincerely immerse yourself in it. I said "sincerely," don't fake it, learn about it, you'll seemingly grow in the process.

The longer someone has actually delved into another culture, the better that person is at understanding other people’s point of view.