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Have a good hygiene

What to do to please your Japanese girlfriend?


The Japanese culture puts great emphasis on a concept called midashinami or "personal grooming."

Midashinami ranges from proper personal appearance to how to dress appropriately to personal grooming.

An appropriate appearance is important and is a direct reflexion of your inner self.

In ancient Japan, when a Samurai had to commit seppuku or ritual suicide, he wore his most beautiful, perfectly white kimono and perfumed is hair with incense so he can die honorably and that he won't disgust those carrying his remains.

When dating or when you meet your Japanese girlfriend, you need to present yourself as clean as possible and make sure your Midashinami is top notch:

- Wear appropriate clothing for the meeting. You need to wear nicely ironed clothes without wrinkles,
- Your hair should not be messy,
- Make sure your ears have no wax in them,
- Your facial hair should be clean and nicely trimmed,
- Trim your eyebrows, your nose and ear hair,
- Use deodorant, to avoid unpleasant body odor,
- If you use perfume, use it with moderation,
- You don't use too much hair gel,
- Brush your teeths and you don't have bad breath,
- Cut your fingernails,
- Check your nose and make sure it's clean.

That may sound basic, but some men are not aware of those details, I've seen atrocities!