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Strive to become a better person

What to do to please your Japanese girlfriend?


Japan is not a religious country, but a spiritual one where constant improvement of the self is highly valued.

This concept is expressed by the Japanese word Kaizen or “continuous improvement” and represents the never-ending efforts of improving everything we do.

Every day, it is essential that we take small actions to improve an aspect of our life, whether it is our character, our profession or work, or even our hobby.

The philosophy of Kaizen implies that implementing small changes that when done consistently make for long term improvement that is measurable and lasting. Little by little, continually growing.

For japanese women, nothing is more seducing than a man working on improving himself in every area of your life - they just love that!

Impress your Japanese date by doing things the best way possible, with all your heart, and she will certainly fall for you.