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Be punctual

What to do to please your Japanese girlfriend?


In American, the refined art of being "fashionably late" or just late enough to give the impression that you are a busy might look cool, but in Japan, it is considered disrespectful, rebellious and egocentric.

For the Japanese, being late shows a lack of preparation, a lack of consideration and concern for others and is, obviously, very poorly perceived.

Punctuality governs social interactions and preserves group harmony. Without exception, individuals expect others, as well as themselves, to be on time.

This is no different when it comes to dating in Japan: Japanese women expect you to be on time. Punctuality is crucial during dating or in a relationship with a Japanese woman

You wouldn’t want your date to be late so you shouldn't be either. If there’s no way around it, be sure to call or text your date ahead of time to let them know the situation.

Remember to be ready on time and to be there on time and all will go smoothly for you.