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Kind-hearted man

What do Japanese women want in a man?


The first thing you notice when you meet Japanese people in Japan is their kindness.

In the Japanese culture, having a kind and warm heart is highly respected. In the Japanese society, people are cooperating instead of turning on each other, and they have a tremendous sense of community.

Kindness is rooted so deeply in the heart of Japanese people that, in the wake of a disaster they keep that same serenity and warm heart.

Most Japanese women favor a kind heart as much as most American women tend to favor good looks.

Japanese women are moved by kind-hearted man as it is a sign of inner peace and inner strength. A man who has a good heart cares about people, his family, and the community.

A man who is genuinely kind, unselfish, trusting, empathetic, sympathetic, optimistic, compassionate, kind, caring and sensitive has a great chance to attract and seduce a Japanese girl.