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Honesty and trust

What do Japanese women want in a man?


In Japan, the virtues of honesty and sincerity are of a vital importance and constitute the core of the "Japanese spirit".

Those values take root in the philosophy of Confucious that said that: "Sincerity is the end and the beginning of all things; without sincerity, there would be nothing."

In a relationship or even during dating, honesty is always needed, and it should be part of the couple's foundation. Nobody likes being lied to, and if a relationship is to flourish, it should not be filled with lies.

Japanese women want to have a deep spiritual bond with her man as he needs to be open and honest with her and not keep secrets. If he never tells her the truth, she cannot trust him, and a relationship built on a lie is a recipe for disaster.

If you are honest and have absolute trust in each other from the start, your Japanese girlfriend will not mind that you might be surrounded by other women, that won't create drama. You don't want to see a Japanese woman mad, TRUST ME.

If you are looking to develop deep, connected relationships with you Japanese girlfriend, forget about the drama and begin things off the correct way with sincerity, truthfulness, and directness.

You’ll be surprised at just how seducing it will be for her.