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Good mannered man

What do Japanese women want in a man?


Japanese women are very much attracted to men who have good manners. Good manners beat good looks and intelligence as the most important quality women look for in a man.

For your Japanese girlfriend or future date, a man with good manners is far more physically attractive than those without. Now for us Westerners, this might sound a little bit old-school, but proper etiquette is essential as they are an indirect non-verbal hint that you have been brought up nicely, which women generally like.

Don't worry, your Japanese date won't expect you to behave like Japanese men: if she would, she'd be WITH Japanese men.

She knows you were not brought up in the same culture as her, so she doesn't expect you to know Japanese manners.

Japanese women love a man that is very polite, attentive and chivalrous. They despise show-off, arrogant, sexist or chauvinistic.

Remember all the manners your dad taught you and put that into action: say "please" and "thank you", remove your shoes when going in someone's apartment our house, don’t put your elbows on the table and you'll be certain to have a good impression on her.

A little dating tip for you: if you truly want to impress her, open the door for her! Japanese men rarely do that! Also, walk on the outside of the sidewalk that show that you care for her and want to protect her.

Remember, with women - Japanese or not - it’s often the smallest thing that makes a lasting impression.