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Good financial situation

What do Japanese women want in a man?


Japanese women don't seem to be as concerned with physical appearance as Western women do, but they are more concerned with a man's financial security. In fact, financial stability falls into the top most sought after qualities by the Japanese woman.

Don't get too worried; you don't need to be rich to make your Japanese girlfriend or wife happy, but you do HAVE to be able to take care of her (and your future family) and its immediate needs.

In the Japanese society, the function of the man is to earn sufficient money to take good care of his family, which involves working hard, spending long hours at the company, and gaining promotion.

Remember that most Japanese women are seeking to raise a family, so naturally, being financially stable is crucial and will give the child and the family a better life.

Japanese women believe that what you’re marrying is someone’s character, and their financial behavior is a reflection of their character.

For them, until a guy has a real career for himself, he’s not ready for real commitment.

It is good for a Japanese woman to know that YOU, the man that she is dating is financially stable and responsible with his money: it is the sign of a strong and mature spirit.

So when you enter into a relationship with a Japanese woman, understand that you are in it emotionally AND financially, so as a man, you should be financially stable before looking for that special person.

Be responsible, take great care of your financial situation so that, when the time comes, you can take good care of your future family.