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Emotionally healthy man

What do Japanese women want in a man?


Japanese women are looking for an emotionally balanced man, who would be able to take care of his wife and family and who would allow his wife to take care of him.

If you are an immature, childish man with unresolved emotional issues, fix yourself before dating Japanese women - they just won't tolerate that.

Japanese women are strongly attracted to men with inner strength (level-headed, grounded and down-to-earth man), knowing that a more physically and emotionally balanced man, is naturally a happier man, thus making a happy family.

Psychologically healthy and balanced individuals accept personal responsibility for their behavior as well as their choices, and that's why Japanese women love them.

This kind of man realizes that they are responsible for their lives - responsible for each and every action, word and thoughts, and accountable for the resulting outcome.

Mentally and emotionally balanced people share some common characteristics: a sense of control, the ability to endure failures and frustrations, they see events positively, and they can express their emotions in a healthy and controlled way.

That's what Japanese women love.