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A calm and patient man

What do Japanese women want in a man?


In the Japanese culture, you can find values like serenity, composure, tranquility, calmness, and peacefulness in everything from Zen to the tea ceremony, from martial arts to calligraphy.

It is known that Japanese women love a calm man because they are fully aware that many challenges may arise along the way, and that a calm a composed man will overcome them. There is nothing more attractive to a Japanese woman than a calm and patient man.

This state of inner calmness and imperturbability comes from Zen Buddhism and is called Fudoshin (不動心 - literally "immovable heart" or "unmoving heart") in Japanese, a state where the person can not be distracted or disturbed by outer circumstances.

Coming from a calm and composed culture, there is nothing they hate more than an impatient man. If you happen to be easily impatient, irritated or angry, watch out, she won't tolerate that very long.

This is precisely the reason why a lot of young Japanese ladies are attracted toward older, more mature men because they are more experienced, more patient and also always in control of himself.

So my advice to you: do not lose your temper, that's the key to a perfect relationship with a Japanese woman. ALWAYS remain under full control when speaking and when acting.