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Go easy with jokes, seriously!

What not to do when dating a Japanese woman?


First of all, know this, Japanese girls really loves to laugh! Many foreigners think falsely that they don't have a senses of humour, they do, but the Japanese humour is culturally different.

For many foreigners dating a Japanese women, this is a very hard situation - knowing how and when to joke. Verbal humour or jokes are very hard to translate into another language so chances are, the Japanese women you are dating, even if she speaks English won’t understand or will interpret wrongly the majority of your jokes.

Japanese loves “physical” jokes - jokes done with the body. They also love associate with the underlying theme of human frailty, impermanence and with people pretending to make fools of themselves.

It is best to keep joking to a minimum during the first few dates, but telling too many jokes will leave her feeling confused. Also, try to avoid culturally-rooted jokes that only you will understand.

The first date can be quite nerve-wracking, and some nervous man starts to talk a lot or to tell stupid jokes... avoid!!!

Do make jokes, but choose well!