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Don't show signs of affective dependence

What not to do when dating a Japanese woman?


Japanese women seem socially and emotionally intelligent. Right now you could be destroying your romance with your Japanese girlfriend. How? By clinging to her too much.

It is important to show your love to your Japanese girlfriend, but it’s a completely different thing to smother her to the point of disgusting her. Sure, she may be the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen and you may feel emotions that you have never felt before, but very careful just how much “love” you show her.

For some men this isn’t a problem: they can keep cool and calm during even the most loving and passionate relationships. But some men (even men who think they are strong now) crumble and degrade into babbling, love-sick wimps. It’s this kind of love-sick, spineless jellyfish of a man that will actually turn off your Japanese girlfriend and cause her to look for more “masculine” pastures.

Some examples of “overdoing” with your Japanese girlfriend include:

- Saying “I love you” in an almost constant stream throughout the day.
- Asking your Japanese girlfriend to constantly to say “I love you” to you,
- Calling her too much,
- Emailing her continuously with messages like “What are you doing now?”
- Wanting to be touchy-feely in situations where she obviously doesn’t want to be.

Act like a grownup, cowboy. Worst case, call your mom.