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Don't complain too much

What not to do when dating a Japanese woman?


There is a saying in Japan that says that happy people do not complain. Getting things out of your chest might be common thing is the Western world, but in Japan, it is considered vulgar and shows a great lack of etiquette and self-control.

This attitude is rooted in their mentality of respecting others and avoiding things that could make others uncomfortable.

This is especially true of Japanese women, as they see complaining men as weak and not trustworthy. Furthermore, they tend to perceive foreigners as whiners.

Also, be careful not to a lot of question, this is regarded as pushy and rude. Remember, that in Japan, people are often expected to be quiet.

The more you complain, the easier it gets to complains. In the end, everything is bad, every situation is a problem and this will reflect on your relationship.

By complaining, you make your life and the life of those around you very difficult and miserable. So if you want to have a rich and happy life with your Japanese girlfriend, stop complaining.