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Japanese girls might look cold, but they are not

Understanding Japanese women


Westerners sometimes believe that Japanese women are cold - nothing could be further from the truth. In order to understand their behavior, one must understand more deeply the Japanese culture.

In Japanese society, being too friendly or flamboyant is traditionally seeing as a sign of vulgarity, so Japanese women tend to stay quiet, calm and carefully follow the rules of social etiquette.

All of the Japanese people I know and met in Japan are kindest, friendliest and warmest people I have ever met. They make me feel more at home than people from my very own country.

Don’t forget that the population of Japan is composed of 98% of Japanese, and the majority of Japanese are not used to meeting foreigners. They are not cold towards Foreigners; they're just careful.

Most Japanese women are shy and quiet so when they meet a stranger, especially if it's a non-Japanese person, they will tend to be even shyer and reserved. That's their education; it has nothing to do with you and your personality.

Even if there are more and more Japanese women are learning a foreign language, they are still concerned about difficulties due to a language barrier when meeting a foreigner. Even if they can speak and understand English, their shy natures might stop them from communicating.

So, don't be too hasty to judge!