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Japanese women don't talk much

Understanding Japanese women


To date and eventually marry Japanese women, you must first understand them, and sometimes, because of their unique culture, they can be a little hard to comprehend. That's why I'm are here to help.

As opposed to marriages in the West where it is recommended to keep the discussion flowing between both members and express your feeling, Japanese women yearn to have a married life where unspoken communication becomes the normal way to interact. This principle of communication is called i shin den shin, “from my heart to you heart.”

Ideal communication in the mind of Japanese women (and most Japanese men as well) is when the other person knows exactly your needs before you even need to say anything.

A Japanese wife wants her husband to know her so well that she doesn’t need to say anything, he just knows how she feels, what she needs or even what she thinks.

In general, Japanese women prefer to have less and less conversation as the relationship progresses deeper and deeper. So, if you want to keep your Japanese girlfriend or Japanese wife happy and satisfied, then do your best to understand her needs and provide for her before she has to say so.

People of Japan don’t express their love verbally; you would not hear them say "I love you" because for them, love it is something should be felt intuitively rather than express verbally. So for them saying “I love you” sounds rather cheap or strange.

Westerners tends to focus on clear, straightforward verbal communication. They take pride in standing up for their rights and in "backing themselves up" so when a conflict situation arises, is considered healthy for couples be emotional and to express how they feel through clear, straightforward verbal communication.

Because harmony is paramount to the Japanese, they will often do nothing to deal with troublesome situations to keep the peace. That’s why in times of conflicts, Japanese people will smile at each other and peacefully let it go so that everything can't get back to normal the “natural” way.