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Japanese women don't look into the eyes

Understanding Japanese women


In the West, eye contact is essential when discussing with other people. We look into our interlocutor's eyes while he or she is speaking to us, that's just 'normal' for us.

In Japan, it's not always the case. The Japanese people can sometimes be known for not looking directly at the speaker.

Japanese women are sometimes offended, even during dating, by direct eye contact. Of course, eye contact is necessary, but too much of it can make Japanese women uncomfortable. You should keep from staring, even if she is gorgeous!

It is considered embarrassing and awkward to be looked at intensely unless you are very intimate the person or are seriously discussing an important issue.

But there is an important element that we should take into consideration: social ranking. Individuals of comparable social status will look at each other. Friends, family members, colleagues of equivalent stature in the organization will look at one another when discussing.

However, when Japanese people are conversing with someone 'higher' than themselves, it is polite to avoid eye contact.

It is important to note that when you are making an apology to someone or when somebody is irritated at you, you should look at a lower point with your head slightly down.

Now that you know that direct eye contact can make someone uncomfortable don’t be afraid to spend the right amount of time looking away from your date as you do look at her.