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Japanese women are shy and reserved

Understanding Japanese women


Japanese women are usually a lot more shy, timid, or reserved than Western women. Traditionally, shyness has been promoted as desirable feminine traits within Japanese culture.

Japanese are shy and value unspoken communication!

By staying shy, Japanese girls show constant respect and consideration to other and don't dishonor themselves and their family by “overdoing it”.

Japanese social structure is still profoundly based on respect and family honor. The resulting shyness exhibited by a traditionally minded Japanese woman is an outward show of respect for others.

So how you should approach them is up to you, but if your usual style of approaching a women is usually along the lines of "Yo baby wazzup!”, you can forget it; you're going to offend her sensibility for sure.

As for approaching them, there is no need to employ any particular tactics or dating strategy. Treat them with respect and sincerity, the same you would treat any other women or anyone at all.

Japanese women are usually shy in public, and hide their feelings, especially when talking to men. They ordinarily do not express their feelings to their men the first few times.

In general, Japanese women don't divulge anything about themselves unless they are asked to. This reservedness is the result of the traditional education that Japan females have received from their mothers, grandmothers, etc.

You should understand that Japan women will not disclose their secret feelings to you until they know you well.

Interestingly, when a Japanese brides become the wife of their men, some brides are still shy with their husbands. Be ready for this.