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Japanese women are fairly easy to offend

Understanding Japanese women


The Japanese culture is thousands of years old, and it has evolved into a particular group mentality in which protocol, manners, rank, respect and tradition are of extreme importance.

When dealing with foreigners, Japanese people, and Japanese women, in particular, are easy to offend. This friction is due to the extreme politeness level that you find in the Japanese society.

I won't lie, this is hands on the toughest part of dating a Japanese girl or a Japanese women.

In the Japanese society, every word, every action are accomplished with such a tremendous amount of respect towards the other that is is very hard, for us to keep par with it.

Let's be honest here, in the West, especially in North America, we are not the embodiment of politeness and manners. I'm sorry, but that's a fact.

We have manners alright, we are polite to a certain extent, but very differently from the Japanese way. There is a big contrast between the Japanese extreme politeness and the Western very casual style, so you can see the potential for misunderstandings on both sides can be great.

Furthermore, we might say something or act in a way that is very ‘normal’ to us, but Japanese women might take it very personal and think you are rude, disrespectful or even simply careless.

Here are a few tips to help you better communicate with Japanese women or should I say your possible future date:

- Don’t be too casual, at least at first. Be extra careful on how you talk and on what you will say.
- Don’t lose patience, remain under control at all time, PERIOD.
- Be on time. Lateness is an insult, showing a lack of discipline and caring for the other person.
- Be willing to say "I'm sorry."
- Don’t make personal jokes aimed towards your Japanese date. I'm talking by experience, please DON'T.

Even though you have read or heard a lot about the WHAT NOT TO DO to offend your Japanese girlfriend, you will do so, and quite often. I speak from experience, trust me.

With time, you'll learn the art of communicating to your Japanese girlfriend or Japanese wife. It's like sake, it only gets better with time. I know, I should be a poet right? ;-)