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Understand each other's culture

Tips for Dating Japanese girls


The Japanese dating culture must be looked into when you are considering to go on a date with a Japanese. Well, a research beforehand won't hurt and it can even make you prepared for a good date.

Japanese women are very attached to their culture, and that can make building happy and long lasting relationships with them a tough challenge for anyone without sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Japanese dating and relationship customs.

As opposed to what a lot of men think, all women around the globe will not behave the same way in an romantic or intimate relationships. What might be appropriate behaviour for a Western woman to do in an relationship may perhaps be impolite, awkward, or even both to a Japanese woman.

What may be considered an extremely loving gesture a Japanese girlfriend gives to her man may offer absolutely no feelings of love and affection to the man from his cultural point of view.

The more you understand Japanese culture the more you will understand your Japanese girlfriend! Likewise, your Japanese girlfriend should try to learn more about your own culture so she can understand you better.

Even if you were dating a woman from your own country you would try to do certain things (related to her personality) to make her feel comfortable around you. You wouldn’t completely change your personality for her, but you would try to slightly adjust your actions in a way that brings the two of you closer together. (Be honest, guys. We DO adjust ourselves to a certain degree to win the heart of that beautiful woman.)

Understanding Japanese culture IS important for a strong and loving relationship. Sometimes acting a little more Japanese to help your Japanese girlfriend feel comfortable IS important (because mature relationships are about give and take.) And if you think that you don’t need to do a damn thing in a relationship to make it work then be prepared for hard times ahead.

So that you can have a flourishing, romantic relationship with a Japanese woman, you need to understand Japanese society — particularly during the first few dates. It really is during this time that "cultural mistakes" will go overlooked as “cultural blunders.” Instead they are going to be considered as a lack of tact, a lack of good manners, an absence of good sense, or all three.