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Best Japanese Dating Websites To Meet Japanese Women

You will find love with one of these top 3 sites


Are you interested in dating a Japanese woman but don’t know where to go to find them? If you’re living in a Japan, you may think that just going to clubs, bars, libraries or other places is the only way to find the ladies you want to date.

Not so!

Thankfully, the Internet has come around to change the way you can meet the ladies. It doesn’t matter where you live or your background. There are a plethora of dating sites that will help you to find a Japanese woman that is interested in you and you in her. Of course, you may be wondering what sites are best to use to find these lovely ladies.

Here’s a look at three of the best Japanese dating websites you can turn to:

A Review of JapanCupid.com – 5 Stars

Most American men turn to JapanCupid.com, which was founded in 2005, to meet Japanese women. Why is that? What makes JapanCupid.com such a worthwhile dating website compared to all the others?

First off, there are many Japanese women signed up the site, which claims to have more than 700,000 members on its site. The JapanCupid.com’s website is geared toward Japanese women meeting white men. Therefore, if there are any Japanese women who don’t want this, they’re not likely to sign up. These women are attracted to men who are not fluent in Japanese and all around American.

According to the site, many white men met and married Japanese women with the help of JapanCupid.com.

It’s easy to sign up on JapanCupid.com. You just use your email address or connect through your Facebook account. Input some basic information about yourself – marital status, ethnicity, nationality, qualities you want in a partner. You will need to upload a recent picture of yourself for members to view. When signing up and choosing a username, you’ll also need to choose a password.

Once you’re signed up, you can start flipping through the different member profiles.

How easy is it to you JapanCupid.com? It’s very easy. It’s got a user-friendly interface that’s really easy on the eyes. All the important tabs are located at the top, which means if you need to access a feature, you can easily do so.

When it comes to profile information, JapanCupid.com is a stickler for details. This goes for both men and women who sign up. When you look through the profiles, you’ll see member profiles that are closely aligned with what you’re looking for.

JapanCupid.com offers free and paid memberships (gold and platinum). People who remain free can enjoy the site’s basic features, but it may not offer the best online dating experience. You can reply to message a member has sent to you. There’s nothing else that you can do. Free members also must put up with ads.

Gold members, however, can enjoy the features free members can enjoy and a whole lot more. They can communicate with any member, do live chats, send and receive messages, hide their profile and enjoy the site with no ads. Gold members, however, don’t get to enjoy the site’s most lucrative features.

Platinum members can enjoy all the features the site has to offer. They have more profile space than the other users, can translate messages into their language, there are no ads to contend with, and they can browse the site anonymously.

JapanCupid.com offers great customer service. All users have to do is use the Contact Us tab on the pages. They can also be contacted through phone or email.

When it comes to Japanese dating, this site is the leading Internet dating site for Japanese women looking for love with white men.

A Review of TrueLoveJapan.com – 4 Stars

TrueLoveJapan.com was created to help Japanese men and women to find love outside their culture. The process is like any other dating websites – you sign up and create a profile. You can either use your Facebook login information or email address to sign up for an account.

Since TrueLoveJapan.com is all about privacy, nothing about what you do on the site will be posted to your Facebook account. Unless you tell someone you’ve signed up on the site, no one is going be none the wiser.

TrueLoveJapan.com wants to be sure that all users are who they claim to be. Therefore, they have implemented a highly-reliable ID verification system. While the site can do verification through your Facebook, you may have to send a copy of your ID card for further verification.

How easy is it to you TrueLoveJapan.com? The great thing about this site is its outstanding user-interface. When you’re filling out your profile page, it asks questions so that other members can get a better image (or idea) of who you are and what you’re looking for in a date. It provides an array of features such as a chart that lets you know how many people have reviewed your profile.

The website developers also implemented special tools to help ease the language barrier when sending messages to and from other members. This increases the chance of you finding and conversing with someone you’re interested in.

TrueLoveJapan.com has both free and paid membership options with the paid options having three tiers – Bronze, Silver and VIP. Free members can look through profiles and send up to 25 messages a day (all messages limited to 160 words), and you cannot include your personal information such as Facebook or Email ID.

Bronze and Silver members can use all the features but one, which is the VIP Badge Bronze users are given 25 stamps while Silver users are given 50. VIP members are given 175 stamps and are granted permission to the VIP Badge.

TrueLoveJapan.com’s customer support can be contacted through mail. Just hit the “How we can help you” button at the bottom of the screen. Fill the form out and hit the submit button. A special email ID is provided to report scammers


A Review Of AsianDate.com – 3 Stars

AsianDate.com is another worthwhile site to find Japanese women to date. However, it needs to be noted that AsianDate.com is not an exclusive Japan site. Most of its members hail from various parts of Asia such as China, Thailand and the Philippines.

Just how easy is it to sign up on AsianDate.com? It’s easy, and you just need to provide them with basic information about yourself. Once signed up, you’ll be redirected to the homepage where you can see all kinds of gorgeous Asian women – divided into categories: Online members, New website members and Members added to contact list

Members are sent to a page that asks them to fill out their profile. Members are then provided a section called “Reasons for Joining AsianDate.com” where they are asked to choose the boxes that align with their reason.

When you sign in, you’ll get a pop-up on the right-hand side that shows you the members currently online. When a member finds a person they are interested in, they can click on their image, which will bring up her profile. Here, they can invite her to chat with them (this is a paid feature). They can also look through the profile to learn more about her. From there, he can choose if he wants to email, CamShare, set up a meeting, send a virtual gift or more. These are just some of the many features that AsianDate.com has to offer members.

AsianDate.com doesn’t offer the usual free or paid monthly memberships seen with other sites like TrueLoveJapan.com or JapanCupid.com. Instead, the site goes with a communication-based system. If a member wants to talk with a woman he’s interested in, he can pay $2.99 for a live 20-minute chat. Any communication type with women on the site is charged a fee.

When it comes to dating sites, you always want to do your research before signing up. You want to make sure that a site that you sign up for isn’t a scam or does something illegal to get your money. The above sites, while great, still need to be proceeded with caution. Be sure you do as much research as you can and get in touch with the customer support staff if you have questions.