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12 Things To Expect When You Date A Japanese Woman

What's It Really Like to Date a Japanese woman?


Dating can be confusing for any man or woman, and dating someone whose nationality is different from your own can be just as, if not more, confusing as dating in your own nationality.

For example, if you’re an American male looking to date a Japanese woman, several expectations are far different than what you would see if you’re an American man dating an American woman or African-American woman.

Why is that though?

It’s because the culture is much different than you are used to. Certain cultures will practice rituals that you are not accustomed to. These rituals may even extend decades back (i.e., they’re not something new that recently came about.) For example, the Japanese culture has seen amazing development in the last two to three decades both politically and socially. Thankfully, the country’s residents’ mindset has adapted to this change.

So, if you decide you want to date a Japanese woman, there are few characteristics you can expect to see.

1) Organization Is Important

While the majority of couples love to be spontaneous in their get-togethers – where they go, when they act out, etc. – Japanese women are not the same. Instead, they like to be told and asked in advance of going out. They want to know when, where and how long. Organization is important to these ladies because of all their other commitments in their life – a part-time job, full-time job, social circle, family, etc.

When you ask out a Japanese woman, you need to know the date and time you want to get together, so they can find out if they’re free and mark it in their calendar they can spend time with you.

2) Independence, Busy Lifestyle

The reality about the Japanese culture is that most of them have a part-time job by the time they’re in a university. Whether or not they decide to go on to college, most ladies attempt to work a part-time job when they’re no longer a dependent of their parents. It doesn’t matter why the women go to work – parents forcing them or a sense of duty, they often try and get into the labor force.

When dating a Japanese girlfriend, most of them don’t want to rely on a man to take care of them. They want to be able to support themselves by making their own money.

3) Want A Relationship But Shy Away From Long-Term Commitments

Japan’s labor system after World War 2 with its permanent employment made it tricky for former female employees to go back into the workforce – more so, if they’re trying to get the same job they had with the employer. On top of that, they had to contend with both elderly and childcare duties, which impeded them from having any more children.

Japanese women want a relationship, but they’re more worried about the long-term commitments they come with the future.

4) Language Barrier

Japanese women have a real interest in dating a foreign man, especially American men. This is why many of them have gotten really good at learning the English language, usually from an international school. Although English classes teach them the language, and they are good at it, they’re worried they’ll make mistakes and don’t speak it very often.

However, most have developed great writing skills that are even better than conversational. The average Japanese female is a non-fluent English speaker while her other half isn’t fluent in Japanese making it the kind of relationship where they use their skills to have a wonderful time but leads to a language barrier that can hinder them from fully expressing what they want.

Japanese women don’t mind dating a foreign man, but they don’t usually want to settle down with them.

5) Accepting and Unprejudiced

Japanese people are usually far more open-minded and tolerant –this goes for Japanese women who want to date American men. They are usually very adventurous and interested in the culture. Most of them are willing to visit new cultures and surround themselves with new environments. Japanese women, not fully dedicated to their religion, are usually free with the choices they make.

6) Cleanliness

Japanese people see cleanliness as a form of respect, not just for themselves but others. It’s more social and public than it is personal. Cleanliness is a virtue the Japanese people have. The respectful sense for cleanliness comes from the religious belief systems called Shinto where it plays a huge role in its rituals.

Japanese women represent cleanliness, so by taking care of their whole body, they are protecting you from illnesses or diseases and making sure they are not being offensive with an unpleasant smell.

7) Well-Educated and Smart

Japan’s educational system is one of the best in the world, which is why dating Japanese woman could leave you in awe of their brains. Many students spend their time in school and studying because to them it’s important to be well-educated. Most Japanese women (98.3 percent) have finished high school and go onto the university level.

Another key reason Japanese women are so bright is their parents’ motivation in reminding them how important it is to learn new things and jobs. However, many Japanese women tend to choose homemaking over an outside job upon getting married. Still, when dating a Japanese woman, you should expect her to speak intelligently about all matters in life.

8) Focus On Inner Beauty and Relationships

The Japanese culture is not like the American culture; it’s very unique. Japanese women’s outlook on money is different from American women. The reality is that American women want it all – nice cars, good looks, great home and whatever. For Japanese women, the opposite is true. They learn to cherish the more important things in life like family and relationships.

That’s not to say they don’t like being surrounded by beauty; it’s just their sense of it extends beyond materialistic things. For them, beauty is your character and inner self. They don’t show off their wealth as an American would. Japanese women (and men) don’t place a lot of emphasis on personal success and focus more on their jobs.

9) Money Managers

Japanese are very good at keeping track of their money, and they expect foreigners to do the same. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but you should have some money-managing skills and know how to save for a rainy day. Keep in mind that the Japanese society is one of the wealthiest in the world.

So, when you’re dating a Japanese woman, she’s going to expect you to know what you have without constantly looking at your bank account.

10) Honesty

The Japanese society is very honest, as they focus on society and not financial gain. In fact, the country’s residents have turned in $78 million in loose cash after the owners of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami swept it away. This even though the chances of finding the owners is slim to none. Japanese men and women are honest, which is refreshing for many foreigners.

Japanese women are very honest, so this is something to expect when you’re dating. She’ll be quite honest about even things you wouldn’t expect them to be honest about.

11) Calm Demeanor

When things get tough, the tough get going. As for Japanese women, when things get tough, she sticks it out and sees things through to the end. Remember, the Japanese culture is all about harmony – both in society and family. This harmony is the result of inner calmness. Japanese culture is all about maintaining a calm composure and controlling their emotions – something you don’t see with many cultures, especially the American culture.

You can expect your Japanese lady to stay calm and quiet. They know how to control their feelings and themselves, which is something they were taught first in the home and then at school.

This calming influence is the result of the Zen Buddhism that the Japanese culture is so well-known in following. They practice the art of Zen meditation. So, even when a Japanese woman is unhappy with their daily life, they don’t openly show the frustration – no matter what the challenge is.

12) Satisfaction In Taking Care Of Men

Japanese women follow the philosophy of good wife, wise mother, which even extends into when they are just dating a man. Japanese women are unlike American or other Western women in that they get satisfaction from making others happy. They don’t see homemaking as a chore or job; they view it as something special. Dating a Japanese woman means often giving up the budget reigns, as she’ll handle the finances.

They also don’t mind cooking for their other half, treating their men to a good meal and taking care of them after a long day at work. By carrying out these tasks to her significant other, she’s trying to show him that she would make a good wife.

As you see, there’s a lot to expect when you’re dating a Japanese woman. After all, they take good care of themselves and take care of their man at the same time. Unlike American women, they are not focused on material things in life but relationships they make a keep. When you date a Japanese woman, you’re in for a culture shock, but it’s one that’s bound to keep you interested all the time.