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10 Tips To Help Foreign Men Date A Japanese Woman

Make Japanese women fall head over heels


Westerners and Easterners have their own dating cultures and norms, which is why dating a foreigner can be difficult. Difficult but not impossible.

If you plan on dating a Japanese woman, you need to know what is expected of you and what you should not be doing. What a Westerner feels is acceptable may be further from the truth for an Easterner.

Therefore, it’s important you do your homework before you attempt to date a person from any culture. For example, if you plan on dating a Japanese woman, you need to know what she expects of you and the relationship. Below are a few helpful tips to ensure a better Japanese dating experience:

1) Be A Gentleman

A gentleman is one who hardly makes a complaint, is never negative and doesn’t act like his circumstances define him. If you’re going to date a Japanese woman, you need to make sure that you find a happy medium between being a doormat and wimp to being an alpha male and aggressive. The happy medium is not making complaints about your own country, your job, your life, former girlfriends, etc.

Simply put, Japanese women want men who are positive in their outlook on life. So, if you want to make a positive impact on a Japanese lady, you need to change how you look at the things in your life.

2) Arrive Promptly

Americans feel that being late gives the impression that they are busy and it may look cool in America. However, being late in Japan is a sign of disrespect and egocentric. If you’re late, your Japanese date may feel you’re not prepared for the date, that you have no consideration for her time or others.

The Japanese are all about punctuality, so it’s imperative that you arrive on time to keep the harmony. If you know you’re going to be late, make a phone call to your date. Let them know what’s going on and when they could expect you to arrive. Going out of your way to inform them of your lateness will do wonders for you in the grand scheme of things.

However, you should do everything possible to arrive promptly, even if that means leaving earlier than you normally would have.

3) Be Polite, Kind and Trustworthy

All races, Japanese women included, want to be treated with respect. Unfortunately, the Japanese male doesn’t act as kind or polite as Westerners, which is why many Japanese women date foreigners. Little things like holding a door open for her, carrying heavy bags or calling her mid-day to see how she is will go a long way for you. Little gestures mean the world to Japanese women.

You should also be very honest with your Japanese lady. After all, being sincere and honest are necessity virtues; core to the Japanese spirit. Don’t lie and establish a deep bond with your Japanese lady. With honesty is respect, and this should be established at the very beginning of the relationship.

4) Listen To Her Talk

Want to win over your Japanese date? Be sure you listen to her when she talks. Many men – Westerners and Easterners – make this mistake. They often think that to win a Japanese lady over, they need to talk about themselves. News flash: these ladies are interested in men who have an air of mystery surrounding them.

Yes, you should talk about yourself a little, but give them something more to discover later on. You want them to feel there is something mysterious about you to keep the romance alive and the fires burning.

Don’t forget to ask questions to learn about her as well. Don’t get too deep, as it’s not an investigation of her life. Asking questions will also keep you from rambling on about yourself and she gets to talk. It’s a win/win situation for both of you.

5) Educate Yourself About The Japanese Dating Culture

Westerners’ customs are NOT the same as Japanese cultures. So, it’s imperative you learn the customs. Many Japanese women love to walk holding hands with foreign men. Japanese men are not as affectionate as Japanese women in this regard. If you’re going to stand out from the crowd, you need to smile at her, hold her hand, look into her eyes, etc. If you have a pet name for her, go ahead and use it.

The one thing you shouldn’t do though – kiss in public. The Japanese are still standoffish about kissing in public.

6) Learn The Japanese Language

If you plan on dating a Japanese woman, you should know some basic Japanese to help you out. Japan, compared to other countries, doesn’t have a lot of English speakers. If you’re going to get by in Japan, you better know the basics. And, if you plan on dating a Japanese woman, it’s imperative you know the basics and maybe a little more.

Most people are under the impression that learning a second language like Japanese is difficult. Not so! Just standard Japanese words and expressions are enough for the locals to understand what a foreigner is asking or saying.

On the other hand, if you want to learn Japanese writing, this will take more time, but is something to consider for the future.

7) Try and Like Japanese Food

A huge part of the Japanese culture is its food, so if you’re dating a Japanese woman, you need to have some interest in the food. No, you don’t have to eat sushi; that’s just one of the many options available. What kinds of foods can you eat besides sushi? Some of the choices include Udon, Tumpora, curry, Donburi, Mochi, etc.

Special Note: Do pick up a pair of chopsticks, as Japanese women find it sexy when a foreigner tries using the utensils. Making an effort to use chopsticks is a sign of respect.

8) Display Good Table Manners

When it comes to eating out with Japanese women, good looks and smarts are secondary to good manners. That’s right! Japanese women would rather date a man with good table manners than they would someone who is smart or looks good. Why?

When you have good etiquette, it gives them non-verbal clues that you were raised right, which is what they are looking for. They want polite men – those who say thank you and please, removing their shoes when they walk into a home and don’t put elbows on the table.

Again, open the door for her or walk on the sidewalk’s outside (adjacent to the road) to show her that you’d protect her. Small things make a good impression.

9) Stay Calm and Have Patience

Japanese women know that calm men will get past any obstacle thrown in their way, which is something they look for. Japanese women are highly attracted to men who are calm and patient. Keep in mind that Japanese tend to have a calm culture anyway, which is why you need to practice patience and stay calm in any situation.

Stay in control regardless of the situation you are in if you want to have a long, lasting relationship with a Japanese woman.

10) Be Ready To Pay Bills

Japanese women have a natural tendency to think that women need to stay home, take care of the house and raise the kids. In Westerners’ minds, this means a Japanese woman is being submissive and forced to care for the home and children.

Actually, the reality is that Japanese women love being housewives – glad that their mothers taught them that it’s okay not to work outside the home. If a Japanese woman has a daughter, she’s liable to teach her the same thing.

Men, according to Japanese women, need to be the family’s breadwinner. They are expected to bring home the money and pay all the bills. They are to work hard for the family – to ensure everyone in the household has everything they need besides a roof over their head, food in their stomachs and clothes on their backs.

For many Western men, this is a huge task and one that should be considered before dating a Japanese woman.

Whether you plan to date a Japanese woman one time or more than once, you need to remember that these ladies want to be treated with the utmost respect and care. If you don’t know how to treat a woman right – be it a Japanese woman, American woman or whatever – no amount of dating tips will help you successfully date a Japanese woman.