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10 Reasons Japanese Women Would Rather Date A Foreign Man

Learn why Japanese women love foreign men


Japanese men and American men are not the same - not in the least. This is especially true when it comes to dating. Japanese women realize this and often choose a foreign man over their own nationality to date. So, if you’re a man from America, Europe or any other place that’s not Japan and want to ask a Japanese woman out, just know that you have more than a good chance of her saying yes.

Why is that though? Why are Japanese women so attracted to foreign men? Take a gander at the possible 10 reasons why Japanese women feel more attraction for men, not of their nationality than their own.

1) Foreign Men Don’t Work Near As Much As Japanese Men

Japanese men generally work all the time – at the sacrifice of their relationships. They feel that work is more important than anything else in their life. However, foreign men tend to be the exact opposite.

While some foreigners do feel that working tirelessly to support themselves and their families is important, many still take the time away from it to spend it with their other half. They understand that people, not work, is more important and will put the work down to spend it with those they love.

2) Foreign Men Make Time For Fun

Remember, Japanese men tend to work all the time, which leaves them little time for fun. Have you ever seen a Japanese man in how he holds himself? They tend to be very stiff in their manners, and they’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a good time.

Foreign men, on the other hand, don’t work near as much as Japanese men, meaning they do spare time for some downtime and fun. They like having fun when they can – going out to the club, to dinner and the movies with their significant other, etc. In fact, many foreign men remember to have some fun when they’re working.

3) Culture Difference

While Japanese women love the culture they grew up to, they still want to try something different from their own. Foreign men offer that fresh air they’ve been looking for. Foreign men have other beliefs, traditions and practices that are “foreign” to Japanese men. For instance, Japanese women tend to see their Japanese male counterparts as cold and distant. While foreign men can be this way as well, Japanese women don’t believe it’s as bad.

4) Higher Confidence Level In Speaking Another Language

It can be difficult to speak another language, but it’s the trying foreign men give when in Japan that impresses Japanese women. Foreign men know that trying to speak another language – even in broken pieces or incorrect, non-offensive mistake – is sexy to Japanese women. After all, to them, it’s all about confidence.

Japanese men, on the other hand, are hesitant in trying to speak in a different language. It’s not that they lack confidence in themselves; it’s the premise that they shouldn’t be making mistakes when speaking.

5) Japanese Women Are Into The Romantic Comedies

With Rom-Coms (romantic comedies) entering mainstream Japanese TV and big screen, many Japanese women want the notion that comes with it. They look for men who have no problem professing their love for them. Japanese women are often attracted to foreign men who are romantic. They want to star in their own romantic comedy.

6) Foreign Men Show More Affection

Japanese women are awe-struck by the reality that foreign men have no problem expressing their love to their girlfriend or wives. It’s not uncommon for foreign men to say “I love you” – Japanese men, on the other hand, rarely express themselves so easily. Again, this boils down to the rom-com’ notion of love and affection.

7) Foreign Men Often Show Public Displays Of Affection

Japanese public display of affection is rare – it does happen, but it’s rare. However, many Japanese women love to date a foreign guy who wants to share their happiness in public – to show the world that the couple is in love and happy. Foreign men love holding hands, cuddling or kissing in public.

If you’re dating a Japanese woman, make sure she’s okay with the level of PDAs you are used to. You don’t want to make her uncomfortable with something she’s never done before.

8) Foreign Men Put Ladies First

Japanese men do not abide by the “ladies first” concept. In fact, it’s something that Japanese women are unaccustomed to. However, it’s a notion quite prevalent in other countries’ cultures including America. Think to the moment in Titanic, where it was supposed to be women and children first on the lifeboats. Well, that concept is still true. Women and children do come first.

When dating, it’s women first. Men will hold doors open for their woman, give her his jacket if she’s cold, carry things for her, etc. Again, this is the romantic notion Japanese women feel love should be like.

9) Foreign Men Often Help Around The House

When it comes to housework, foreign men don’t mind pitching in and helping. After all, they know they also made the mess. Japanese men, on the other hand, leave the housework and chores to the woman – taking the hands-off approach. Instead, they let their Japanese girlfriend or wife handle the housework while he works long hours at the office. Japanese women see the foreign men’s style of housework as a relief from their own culture’s way of housework.

10) Foreign Men Have A Liberated Mind

While the gender role in Japan has changed, Japanese men still expect a woman who has a family to stop pursuing their career and take care of the house and family. This way of thinking can be seen in the work environment where women tend to have a certain societal role.

When a Japanese woman starts dating and then marries a foreign man, she’s usually given the choice of staying home with the kids or continuing her career. A foreign man doesn’t usually put expectations on his foreign girlfriend or bride. If a Japanese woman wants to have the best of both worlds, she typically can when she dates a foreign man.


A Japanese woman who dates a Japanese man may not get the love and attention she rightly wants and deserves. She may feel underappreciated and left to take care of everything – home-related – herself. The Japanese man is under the impression that working all the time and taking care of his woman financially is all he needs.

Many Japanese women want something more than financial care, which is why many Japanese women often choose to date a foreign man such as an American or European man. With them, Japanese women tend to “see” and “experience” the affection they see in the movies and have so longed for.